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“Leadership is Service, Not Position”-Tim Fargo

Hannah’s History of Leadership

As someone with a long term goal of being a servant leader in my home country and continent, I have been invested in various communities both in and outside Namibia’s borders. I am passionate about impacting positive sustainable change wherever I find myself and this page expands on some of my leadership roles over the past 5 years.


KULE is an NGO focused on improving the quality of education in Muranga Kenya. It does this in a very holistic way not only building classrooms and supplying books but also supporting the broader community. It was started by a former professor in Pearson College and I was very invested in their work both while in Canada and when I graduated. In 2017, I co-led a project within KULE and received an award called the GoMAD UWC Scholarship to tackle taboos surrounding feminine hygiene and sexual health. The grant we received allowed us to support AfriPads an Ugandan based company by purchasing and then donated over 200 reusable pads to high school girls in Muranga, Kenya.

Picture of Hannah Brendell and the Shamim Mohamed at Muranga Secondary in Kenya
Picture of Hannah Brendell and the Shamim Mohamed at Muranga Secondary in Kenya

Self Designed Internship and Service Project


In the Summer following my first year of college I was awarded the Hubert Scholarship, a prestigious scholarship which allows selected students to partner with an NGO or design an internship of their own in a community of their choice. I choose to create and implement a project to create a library space for children at St. Barnabas,an underfunded public school in Katatura, Namibia.
Picture of Hannah with children from St.Barnabas Primary School
Picture of children holding new books taken by Hannah Brendell
In 2019, I returned to the school volunteering my time to train library prefects to be student leaders in the library and help organize data that would be forwarded to Namibia’s Ministry of Education to qualify the school for a full-time librarian. The work I did was recognized and published in the National Newspaper- “The Namibian”
These pictures are snippets of the many moments that I worked alongside students between the ages of 5 and 15 to foster a love for reading.
Picture of Hannah in the newly revamped library.
Picture of Hannah and the library prefects at St.Barnabas Primary School.
Picture of a newspaper article from the Namibian from July 9th 2019, taken by Hannah.
 Cross Country: Dream Team

I joined the cross country team at Agnes Scott in Spring of 2017 despite having no prior experience in the sport. Since then I have been selected as captain of the team and completed two cross country seasons with about 10 competitions (know as meets)overall. My team has excelled not only on the field ranking 7th out of 15 schools in the USA South Conference last year as a young team, but was also off the field by being named the 2019 All-Academic Team for the highest GPA in the USA South Conference. My involvement on the cross country team has and continues to challenge me in ways that relate to my academic and professional growth. I feel honoured to represent my school and grateful for my supportive team.


  • Cross Country Captain
  • 7th out of 15 schools in USA South Conference for 2019
  • All-Academic Team with the highest GPA in the USA South Conference for 2019
    Cross Country Team 2019
    Picture of the Cross country team in Fall 2019 after the first meet of the season.

Pearson College UWC

Picture of Hannah and friends at Pearson UWC in Vancouver Island.

Agnes Scott College

  • I am currently a tutor in the Center for Digital and Visual Literacy (CDVL) where I help students develop personalized websites, navigate various digital software and facilitate workshops for first year classes.
  • I have been an Impact Leader- Organizing events on campus related to gender-based violence and supporting other leaders in social justice issues
  • I have been a Schimidt Student Leader for a first year class where I helped support and facilitate lectures alongside a professor in preparation for the class trip to Morocco.
Picture of Agnes Scott College campus under Public Domain

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