Passionate about people, service and living impactfully.

Love in Action is Service
-Mother Teresa

Service Over Summer

Summer 2018 saw me creating a project focused in enhancing Education specifically of the English language through investing in the children of St. Baranabas (a school in an under-developed part of Namibia).
This project was much inspired by my Summer of 2017 spent volunteering with a Kenya based NGO called KULE. 

KULE Project-July 2017

Co-led a project within KULE and received an award called the GoMAD UWC Scholarship to tackle taboos surrounding femine hygiene and sexual health, also donated over 200 reusable pads to high school girls in Muranga, Kenya. 

Self Designed Internship and Service Project

These pictures are snipets of the many moments that I worked alongside students between the ages of 5 and 15 to foster a love for reading.

Cross Country Dream Team

After playing Field Hockey for over 7 years, I decided to embark on a new adventure and joined the Agnes Scott Cross Country team in February of 2018. It’s challenging but my team and coach make me realise my steady growth as I continue to push myself and those around me. I feel honored to represent my school and grateful for my supportive team. 

Experiential Learning through UWC Pearson College

My final 2 years of high school at UWC doing the IB pushed me and shaped me more than I can adequately put into words.







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